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 Laneige Water Bank Moisture Cream_EX 50ml
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Laneige Water Bank Moisture Cream_EX 50ml

โดย Laneige

3 (131 ratings)
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  • combination skin, olive
    Nice moisturiser

    I like this moisturiser , it can be absorbed to the skin so easily without leaving a sticky feeling . It does provide hydration to my skin . As we know hydration is the key for a beautiful skin . I have sun burn a few months ago , then I use this moisturiser everyday to help out my skin problem . In one week time , the redness are gone . It help even out my skin tone and prevent my skin from flaking . Besides , it also help me become fairer after using it for 3 months . This cream is very effective for normal use and even for rescuing sun burn problem. I will recommend this for my friends and family .

  • combination skin, medium fair

    The Laneige Moisture Cream is opaque white as compared to the first two products which are transparent. It also comes with a spatula. From the name, you'd think that this is a heavy cream best suited for cold or dry weather but its not. It's actually a very light cream that goes on very easily. This is my favorite product out of the three. It doesn't interfere with other skincare products and I have no problems applying make-up right after this. If I had to buy just one product from the Waterbank line, it would be this one.

    Based on 4 months of use, I can say that the Laneige Water Bank line does provide moisture and hydration. It's perfect for summer because the products don't feel heavy or sticky. I would recommend this for younger girls who would like to prevent fine lines caused by dryness but not for mature skin as it doesn't provide long-lasting hydration. It may also work on sensitive skin as I did not break out from using these products.

    The Waterbank line is a nice starting point for skincare but I don't think it lives up to its hype. It's really nothing special. Sorry girls but if you want "Korean dewy skin," you'll have to look elsewhere. There are better products out there that do more than just provide a couple of hours of hydration. If you can get it on sale in Korea, it might be a good option but otherwise, it will be better to check other products.  (i.e. my Naruko gel products were at par with Laneige's)

  • normal skin, medium fair
    Laneige Water Bank Moisture Cream 50ml always take care of my skin!

    Laneige Water Bank Moisture Cream 50ml is a 24-hour moisturizing cream that actively takes care of rough skin and dehydration caused by dry weather by promoting supply of the natural moisturizing factor in the skin. The packaging of this product is attractive and the scent are fragrance. I will use it after I wash my face everyday. After I use it, I found that Water Bank Moisture Cream make my skin full with water and do not feel dry and also without leaving a sticky feeling. I will recommend this product to my friends and family. 

  • dry skin, fair
    Best moisturiser!

    I love gel texture moisturizer as it does not feel sticky at all. I bought the full size after trying out the sample given by Laneige staff. It costs $56 in Singapore store. Although is quite expensive, I have no regrets in purchasing this. I enjoy using this cream as it is non-oily and has a cooling effect. It is also easily absorb into the skin. I used this every day and night. I recommend this product to people who have normal to oily skin type. Many people have this perception that gel creams are for oily skin type but is not true for this product.

  • sensitive skin

    Got this as a trial set. And I love it 😍 this is the second last step of my skin care routine. It basically awaken the skins natural moisturizing ability( according to laneige) it is moisturizing. But sometimes I feel that  the moisture set I got is a little bit over moisturising(is there stg like over moisturise ?) (idk) but the overall effect is great. Brighter complexion!

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Water Bank Moisture Cream_EX is a rich moisture-boosting cream. It contains mineral water to deliver intense & durable hydration for skin regeneration. It developed with Water Pump System to retain moisture in skin. It formulated with grape seed oil & mango seed oil for anti-oxidant & soothing benefits. Delivers nutrition & energy to skin. Unveils clearer sleeker brighter & healthier skin.

Key benefits and ingredients:
Laneige products pursue the artistic sense of snow crystals and complete the beauty of women in their 20s and 30s through the hydrating science of water, the final destination of snow. Laneige products are based on the long time study and research of water, the source of life and the most important element of healthy skin. Perfect for dry normal skin.
•    By Laneige

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