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Bio Oil 60ml

Bio Oil 60ml

โดย Bio Oil

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  • normal skin, fair
    Bio oil

    这个对疤痕很有效,他拥有香香的一种植物味道。我睡前使用它,它是我最值得信赖的产品 。我疤痕在6个月才会完全消失不见,它的有粉红色的,瓶子透明的,盖子是白色的,有盒子包装的。它还可以淡斑,淡疤,淡妊娠纹,保湿皮肤等等。。。她的purcelin oil可渗透皮肤里面的,使护理更加有效,一罐60ml ml的才42RM

  • combination skin, olive
    Prevent stretch marks? Not for me!
    I got this when I was pregnant with my first child to prevent myself from getting stretch mark. However, even after I've used it constantly starting from zero stretch mark, I still got them in the end! It gradually become worse and I stopped using this as it wasn't doing anything to help 😭 
  • acne prone skin, medium fair
    Bio oil

    I remembered i bought this 6 months ago ( i know what you're thinking). I had a very bad fall from helping to carry some heavy things back then which caused me thin but visible scars on my forearm. It looks dark on my skin and i just can't help myself but noticing it. Then i bought this and gave it a try. I applied it every night before i went to bed, sometimes when i am busy it will be alternate days. It smells ok. Feels kind of oily ( well it is oil).The first 2-3months I did not notice any changes. Then after 4 months i saw the colour on my scars lightens. By now, don't get me wrong I still have that scars but much lighter in tone. Overall if you dont have a too high an expectation , you can give it a try. In my stand, out of five I would rate it a 2 for lightening my scars slightly, 4 for a mild pleasant scent and a 1 for the price because it can be more competitive. Thanks and happy trying!9

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